Academic Appeals

The academic appeal procedure enables students to request, within specified limited grounds, for the outcome of an Examining Board to be reconsidered.

What are the grounds for appeal?

The grounds on which you can appeal are limited to:

  • Instances where there has been material and significant administrative error or other material irregularity such that the assessments were not conducted in accordance with the approved regulations for the module/award (ie instances where you believe the University has done something wrong).
  • Where your performance was adversely affected by illness or other factors which you were, for valid reasons, unable to divulge before the meeting of the examining board, and which could have had a bearing on the board’s decision. Students must give adequate reasons with supporting documentation as to why the information was not made available prior to the exam board decision being made.

‘Good reason’ requires a student to demonstrate that circumstances beyond their control prevented the disclosure of the relevant factors at the appropriate time. Personal embarrassment or unwillingness to disclose personal circumstances shall not count as ‘good reason’ for the purposes of these regulations.

Extenuating circumstances

It is not possible to use the appeal process to simply submit late extenuating circumstances. There is no process for the late submission of extenuating circumstances after the results have been published, unless you had a compelling reason why you were prevented from submitting your extenuating circumstances at the due time (before the meeting of the board).

If you did submit extenuating circumstances and the board knew of them when it took its decision, then you cannot use them as a basis for appeal.

In order to submit an appeal on the grounds of being unable to divulge extenuating circumstances at the appropriate time, you will need to submit the following as part of your application:

  • clear reasons with supporting documentary evidence explaining why your extenuating circumstances could not be submitted in the correct way at the due time.


  • supporting documentary evidence on the extenuating circumstances which affected your ability to complete the assessment.

How to make an appeal

An application for an academic appeal must be submitted within ten working days of the official publication date of your results.

Applications received before results are confirmed by an Award Board and published to you, will not be considered.

It is important to clearly outline your reasons for appeal and to include all information and evidence that is relevant to your application. We will only consider the information provided as part of the application.

We will not seek further information or evidence from you or from others, eg your GP. Appeals submitted without supporting documentary evidence are unlikely to be accepted. Remember that it is your appeal and therefore your responsibility to ensure that all information and evidence is submitted on time.

To submit your appeal please email: